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The truth is that almost all traffic accidents are avoidable. There are a number of things that individual drivers can do and a number of things that individual drivers can avoid doing that can make driving easier, safer, and more fun. Paying attention is obviously of paramount important when driving, so eliminating a lot of the distractions is key to driving safer.

Vehicle Accidents In India
Vehicle accidents generally occur as a result of human error in the operation of vehicles, the design of roads, and the manufacturing and maintenance of vehicles. Vehicle accidents can include 18 wheeler accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, and passenger cars and vans. Lawyers role in society is to make it better and generally speaking they do.
Young people and the elderly cause a disproportionately high number of vehicle accidents. The young because they are careless and the old because their bodies are just not as good as they used to be. For the most part speed is the principal cause of vehicle accidents. The elderly react much slower than younger people and have to be driving substantially slower to keep from colliding. The elderly generally don't speed, but speed limits for the elderly may be too fast, because they simply don't re-act fast enough.
Younger drivers are not too familiar with the consequences of driving recklessly, but learn after a few traffic tickets and as they watch their insurance premiums rise. Many drivers drive cautiously because of the potentially higher insurance premiums. Often drivers want to keep vehicle accidents hidden and offer to pay for damages out of their own pocket. These type of arrangements following a vehicle accident is very common, but often back fires on the injury victim. The injury victim often does not realize the severity of the injury until several hours later when they realize they can barely move.


Intersection Mistakes
A large number of accidents occur because people make critical intersection errors. In fact, it is reported that intersection accidents make up about one quarter of all automobile accidents because people are too distracted by too many things. The best way to avoid crashes at intersections is to pay attention to the lights, the other cars, and the direction you are driving. Watch crosswalks for pedestrians and ensure that you are crossing the intersection on a green light, not a red or yellow light.

Pay Attention!
Accidents mostly occur because the drivers involved aren’t paying attention to the road or, more importantly, to one another. The biggest problems in traffic take place because of a breakdown in communication between drivers. Make eye contact whenever possible with pedestrians and other drivers to establish points of contact. This will help determine where the driver or pedestrian is going and help to avoid collision.

Pay attention to the road, too. Ensure that you are familiar with the direction you are going, with the turns you’ll have to make, and with any of the other possibilities for confusion so that you can be aware of your vehicle and its position at all times. Not paying attention to where you are going can lead to accidents, getting lost, or fatalities.

Stay Back
Many people follow too closely. Lots of accidents are rear-end accidents caused by tailgating, so keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you at all times. If somebody is tailgating you, do not panic by slamming on the brakes and do not get angry. Simply keep your pace the same and drive in the same fashion as you would, tailgater or not.

Seat Belts

Seat belts should be worn comfortable enough to keep you in your seat if there is a collision. Put the shoulder strap over your shoulder, never under your arm. The lap belt should be put low over the hips, not over the stomach.
  • Seat belt keeps you behind the wheel and in control of the vehicle in case of a collision.
  • Seat belt keeps your head and body from hitting the inside of the vehicle.
  • Seat belt keeps you inside the vehicle in a collision. A person who is thrown out of the vehicle during the collision has a higher chance of getting serious injury.

Who’ll educate the educated?
Though it is mandatory to wear helmet while riding two-wheelers,
some city residents openly flouting road safety norms. The law-enforcing authorities need to strictly implement the law for the benefit of the citizens.

Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

As cell phones have become more popular and their use has increased, so too have cell phone-related accidents. These accidents range from minor to catastrophic and have led to laws that limit or prohibit the use of cell phones on the road.

Cell Phone Dangers

Cell phones draw a driver's attention away from traffic, road conditions and vehicle operation. Some studies have shown the increased likelihood of an accident to be four times the normal rate when a driver is using a cell phone. A large part of this dangerous distraction involves the need to physically handle the phone. Activities such as reading the display screen, pressing buttons and holding the phone to the ear all require the driver to take his hands off the steering wheel or his eyes off the road. Cell phones require a driver to listen to the person speaking through the phone, leaving the driver less likely to hear another driver's horn or an emergency siren. When thoughts are focused on the subject of the conversation, they are also less focused on driving.


A more recent concern in driver safety involving cell phones involves text messages and other phone features that do not require talking into the phone. Texting while driving has been cited as the cause of numerous accidents. It has become more worrisome, as text-messaging capabilities are built into more phones, and more users purchase text-messaging plans or use the built-in Internet features on their phones. 

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